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We are extremely proud to introduce our tiny houses. You can now customize your own tiny home, and drag it wherever you need it.

TINY BUILT, fully featured.

The tiny houses do not lack any essentials big houses have: bedroom(s), kitchen, bathroom with shower, sitting area, air conditioning, etc. We embrace the complete sense of sustainable living with our houses, from the materials we carefully select, to the energy efficient appliances installed, water saving systems, and meticulous inside out design and plans.

made to order.

Going tiny means reducing unneeded possessions and keeping the essentials for living. Therefore, we personalize every element of the house to match your needs, lifestyle, and taste, by the hands of our passionate craftsmen.

What are the uses of a tiny house?

The tiny houses from Drophouse Zeeland can be used in numerous ways. As space is becoming ever scarcer and these tiny houses are small and moveable, they give you more space and freedom.

  • Recreation: as a playhouse for your children or somewhere for you to relax.
  • Home office / practice area: to carry out your main job or side job in a professional space.
  • First-time buyers: the lower cost of purchase means that your first home can become a reality sooner.
  • Hobby space: an inspiring place where you can go to town with your hobbies.
  • Staff: a pleasant space where your staff can enjoy their lunch, relax or work.
  • Healthcare sector: for informal care, a tiny house offers a solution when you want to have someone nearby when you are at home.