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Completely redefining the home office

All creators & freelancers who work from home know that maintaining focus, energy, & workflow can be challenging. The Studio MINI is an exciting, fresh solution completely redefining the home office, providing maximum focus during every working hour. The ultimate private workspace built just for you.



Make the Studio MINI your own private working realm and boost your concentration. Delete all the noise and distractions of home and enjoy the space to just create.

Bring the Outside In

Floor to ceiling glass panels provide plenty of natural light throughout the day. Enjoy outdoor views directly from your workspace whenever you’re in need of inspiration & a mental refresh.

Stay productive and balanced

Working from home doesn’t need to be stressful. Reconnect with nature right at your doorstep and find your workspace. Who says you can’t be productive and balanced at the same time?

The complete

Finding your own private work space that inspires you every day has never been easier. All you need is a dedicated space to place your new home office and our team will do the rest!

Why Studio XL?

MInimal design

Keep things simple and stay focused. Monastically inspired design promotes a minimalist yet productive work lifestyle. All unnecessary details have been removed to keep every feature of the pod indispensable.

open, yet private

The completely enclosed space gives you the privacy you need to focus at work. Minimal design aesthetic, tempered glass walls that allow for open views, & high vaulted ceilings give a feeling of openness, providing mental clarity & the space to breathe.

super affordable

You won’t find a better price for a completely self-contained home office like the Studio MINI. With its gorgeous contemporary design and full installation included within the price, the decision is easy.

Safe, durable materials

All foundations, frames, and components are made from sustainable oak and walnut woods, strong resilient aluminum, and tempered glass. These premium materials make sure the pod stays firmly put under any conditions.


With built-in shelves and drawers to free up space and provide much-needed storage, a SmartDesk, and an Ergonomic Chair, the MINI comes completely furnished with everything that you need to immediately start working more effectively from home.

Fast Delivery + Setup

The pod is delivered to you within 2 – 4 days from purchase. A full setup service is provided and complete assembly is performed in less than 72 hours! Also, enjoy the security and confidence of our 5-year warranty with return policy.

multi-purpose space


Studio Mini Specifications

Front view

1 cm

Outer dimensions: 220 cm (W) x 320 cm (H)
Inner dimensions: 200 cm (W) x 299 cm (H)

Side view

2 cm

Outer dimensions: 321 cm (D) x 321 cm (H)
Inner dimensions: 240 cm (D) x 300 cm (H)

Top view

3 cm

Outer dimensions: 321 cm (D) x 220 cm (W)
Inner dimensions: 240 cm (D) x 200 cm (W)

Glass door

4 cm

Color: Transparent
Material: Aluminium
Dimension: 295 cm (H) ; 200 cm (W)


5 cm

Color: Natural wood
Material: Oak wood
Dimension: 200 cm(W) 40 cm(D) 295 cm(H)